Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Need A Car

I finally attended my first chemistry class last night after missing a week due to being sick and --- chemistry is hard! I'm going to be spending A LOT of time studying. I've come to the realization that with class two nights a week for 4 hours each night, all the studying I need to do and still trying to loose a few pounds, I am going to have zero social life. But, I guess that's good because it will keep my mind off how miserable I am without a boyfriend. Before I know it I'll be 50 and single and spending every waking moment in the laboratory... except when I have to go home to feed my 12 cats. Wait, why did I want to go back to school again?

So, the instructor let us out almost an hour early last night, which was awesome, but I hadn't printed the bus schedules for that time. So, I waited until one came that I had printed out a later schedule for and hopped on. Once I picked up the printed bus schedule they have on-board, I couldn't believe the route this one was going to take to get me home. Basically, it was like driving from Seattle to Chicago even though Dallas is your destination. A trip that would have taken 10 mins in a car took 45 on the bus.

Yeah, I got some textbook reading done, but it's not like I really absorbed anything. I was trying to keep from breathing because of the ashtray people sitting next to me and then when I moved, I ended up next to a guy who had so much cologne on I got an instant headache. And trying to focus on tiny textbook print in the dim light of a night bus as you're jostled side to side and suddenly jerked forward as the rookie bus driver comes to a screeching halt --- well, all this makes concentrating a little challenging.

So, I've come to the conclusion that I need a car. I'm really irritated because I have so many other things I'd rather spend money on: a house down payment, new running shoes, a backpack for Machu Picchu, a trip to NYC... Not to mention that I'm the WORST at making a decision when I know that anything I spend less than $20,000 on is going to break down in a month but I really don't want to spend more than $1,000.

I know, I know, I'm just whining now. But really, if you know anyone West of the Mississippi that's selling an older model Subaru or Honda and they have taken really good care of it, please let me know! I don't even care what it looks like as long as it runs well!

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Jen said...

Aah, public transportation. You gotta love it.

I hope you can find a car you like! I'll let you know if I hear of anyone selling their car...but at this point, I'm sort of out of the loop on Seattle vehicles. =)