Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ulaanbaatar is Disgusting!

After spending 5 glorious days in the sand, sun and wide open desert with clean, fresh air and no annoying insects, UB is a huge disappointment. The air is visibly dirty and there are these annoying little gnats everywhere that make it almost impossible to breathe. I really wish I was going to Beijing tomorrow, but I will make the best of it. I got back at 3.00 and emailed and blog posted until 6 so have only a few hours left in the day anyway.

I bought a ticket to see the National Academy Dance and Singing Troup tomorrow night because it came highly recommended by the American woman on the bus and a Dutch girl staying in my hostel (called guest houses in Mongolia).

After 5 days of eating Tol's delicious Mongolian food, i decided it was time for a change and went to an Italian restaurant and had minestrone and pizza... and Coca Cola Light! Ahhh,the little pleasures in life. :) I was going to have Mongolian/Irish pub food but there was nowhere to sit that wasn't inundated with a smoky haze. The Italian place let me sit in the back room where there was no one else and near the open back door.

After eating I went to the supermarket and got food for breakfast. Then I took a much needed shower and went to sleep. Pretty dull day.

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